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Remmal followed Llana through the streets to the Law Keepers residence. They carefully weaved their way around people as they went on with their day, until they stopped in front of a metal door with a large rusted sign that said Law Keeper on it.

“Hey Dyssem open up, I got the kid here!” Llana yelled as she pounded on the door.

The metal door slowly opened and a red wolf in old shock trooper armor in his mid thirties stood in the doorway.

“So this is the guy that killed the big monster in the caves?  I didn’t think he be so scrawny.” He teased as he showed them in.

“Hey Dyssem, if it’s all right I’ll be in back using the range okay?” Llana asked.

“Of course knock yourself out; Remmal come with me.”

Remmal followed the Law Keeper to a living room and took a seat on a couch as Dyssem poured some drinks from a mini bar.

“So Remmal, you come from Anduruna correct?” Dyssem asked handing Remmal a drink
“Umm yeah…” Remmal answered.

“So why was a kid like you in the cliffs, isn’t Anduruna supposed to be some perfect utopia?”

“I was hoping to lose the city guard.”

“The city guard? What did you do to make them come after you, kill someone?” Dyssem jested.

Remmal sat quietly as he clenched his glass, as he recalled the how this all started with Split Tail killing the three bullies.

“I didn’t want them… I was just tired of being so weak…”

“Sorry to hear that, but you discovered your powers then?”

“It happened about two years ago, but yeah I sort of did and that’s when things got crazy. I was imprisoned for a couple years but I escaped the city. Then walked through the cliffs for a couple days, ran into Llana and the monster then ended up here.” Remmal said softly.

“You sure hit a real rough patch in life, good to know your alibi matches what Llana found out.”

“Hold on a second, you already knew what I had gone through?”

“Yep thanks to Llana and some of my sources around Anduruna.”

“So Llana can read minds then?” Remmal asked taking the opportunity to get info on Llana.
“That is correct, but she needs physical contact with her target so she can see into their very being” Dyssem said looking out to the firing range at Llana.          “In your case she looked at your memories, but I just wanted to check if you were going to try and hide something, never know with the things I’ve heard from Anduruna.”

“What’s happening there these days then? I’ve kinda been out of touch with current events for a while.”

“Not much just a lot of corrupted government idiots in my opinion, besides you. After all sending a large task force of shock troopers just to stop a kid doesn’t go unnoticed amongst other things from the cities underbelly. But that’s why Osseria was founded, to try and get away from all that.”

“Osseria, is that’s what this place is called? I remember seeing it on any maps.”

“That’s because you’re from Anduruna, the government there doesn’t want people to know that we get along just fine without any of their laws like power usage. Some people a long time ago didn’t like the way things were going and just settled here. Soon any one that was banished or got screwed by the government that was lucky enough to come across the settlement here, and soon grew to become a small city."

“Well some of Andurunas laws seem pretty strict, wouldn’t blame people for leaving.”

“The Anduruna government however took notice and has tried several times to try and destroy the Osseria. They think that if word did somehow manage to get out to Anduruna’s citizens might go against the government, and that would cause a lot of problems for them. All we want to be is left alone though, but we haven’t been bothered by them for a few years now."

Dyssem turned back to face Remmal “If you wanted to you could stay here.”

“Really?” Remmal said with surprise, he wanted to but then remembered his situation with Split Tail.

“I really don’t think so, I should probably leave as soon as I’m healed up.”

“Not sure where you plan to go, it’s mostly barren waste land in all directions for hundreds of miles except back the way you came. And I really don’t think that that is really an option for you. Besides, I can tell you’re really just a good kid that just needs to catch a break in life now.”

“What this Law Keeper speaks of is true if my memory is correct.” Split Tail advised. “The probability for death is high if we left. It be wise if we stayed boy.”

“Yeah sure, bet you plan to go on a killing spree when you get the chance. Remmal spat at Split Tail.

“As tempting as that is, in my current state I could not do such a thing. This city is filled with people who can freely use their powers, I would be felled in no time I’m sure. However that can also be used to our advantage though. A nightmare would think twice before coming for us here and we are out of reach from Anduruna Shock troopers it seems as well.”

“What about Llana?.”

“That is a risk I am afraid, we must take.”

End of part 7
Two Souls: Part 7
Getting these out there faster now without waiting for a second look from another person.

Dreamkeepers is property of David Lillie.
Mantis 5th instar by Crowdingfever
Mantis 5th instar
Just decided to take a pic of one of my mantids and post it.
Remmal struggled to stay conscious as he was being carried. With his blurred vision all he could see were blobs of color and any voices he heard seemed far away, even Split Tails voice before things went dark. Remmal then awoke with a start and winced from a pain in his left shoulder.
He looked at it and saw his wounds had been well bandaged and he was sitting on a soft bed in a room of stone and had a bared window. The room only had a small table and a wood door for a closet possibly. The door leading out of the room was made of metal, and Remmal could only assume it was locked.

“Well finally you’re awake” Split Tail snarled.

“Ugh yeah” Remmal sighed “What happened?”

“Hard to say boy, you were out for a few days after the bandits brought us here and stitched you up.”

“Wait, the bandits did what?”

“Well that’s what I can assume happened. Just because you’re out cold doesn’t mean I am not aware of what happens around us.”

“It’s just a bit odd, why would bandits bring me some place and then fix me up…”

Suddenly a clunk came from the door and it slowly began to open. Remmal reacted and prepared to take on whatever what came through. However his sudden movement caused pain that ripped through his body. He gasped from it and fell to his knees, holding his chest.

“Oh, don’t push yourself. I not sure I can close the wound again in time if it opens.” A cool female voice said.

Remmal looked up to see a middle aged snow leopard with drab clothing. She approached Remmal and helped him to his feet.

“Come on now back on the bed, it will be much easier to change your bandages then.”

Remmal did as the woman told and sat on the bed as the woman began to unwrap his bandages. For a few moments the two sat in silence before Remmal decided to try and get some clarity on his current situation.

“Excuse me umm ,” Remmal started.

“Oh I’m sorry I haven’t properly introduced myself.” The woman cutting in. “My name’s Tearra, what’s yours?“

“It’s Remmal, so Tearra, may I ask you what I’m doing here?”

“Well some of the guards we have here were out on patrol when they heard some commotion coming from the caverns. That’s where they found you bleeding out on the ground and my daughter Llana in the cave.” Tearra began as she un-wrapped Remmals bandages.

“So that girl I met in the caves is your daughter?”

“Yes, she is.”Tearra sighed. “She went off on her own for some reason again.  Anyways she quickly explained your encounter and you were brought to my clinic. I have to admit, when they brought you I surprised you were still alive despite your injuries.”

Tearra finished unwrapping Remmals bandages and looked at Remmals wound with a slight look of astonishment as she examined him.

“My aren’t you full of surprises, you’re a very fast healer. Not only has that nasty gash we had to stitch up is healing very well but those cracked ribs are to.” Tearra said as she began to wrap new bandages around Remmal.
“Oh yes I’m full of them, one of them unfortunately isn’t a good one.” Remmal thought to himself after hearing that remark and he thought he heard Split Tail chuckle.

“Well from what I have seen we can get the stitches out in a few days, and you seem healed up enough to be up for a bit to. Are you hungry? I’ve got soup and biscuits if you want.”

“Sure that be great, thanks.”

With that Tearra smiled left the room closing the door behind her. Remmal went to look out the window of his room and thought about his recent events as he looked. Outside before him lay a small city of modern looking pueblos with a small river flowing through it. The outer parts of the city had farms and surrounding the borders was a wall of stone, much of it looked like it had been rebuilt.  Beyond that, he saw the Cliffs of Ekklesia far off on the horizon.

“You seem just as troubled boy.” Split Tail stated

“I guess I am a bit, I’m just surprised about all this. I’ve just always been told that people outside Anduruna besides those in Eridu were a bunch of murderers and psychos. Yet here they are helping me and not, well torturing me for amusement or something.” Remmal responded.

“I can understand you worry about this odd situation, but I fear we may have bigger things to worry about boy.”

“What do you mean?”

“The nightmare we encountered, it knew that I dwell within you and the female known as Llana.”

“Oh that monster thing, you said it was a follower of some guy?”

“Yes Nambonidus, which means that he knows that I am still here on this plain of existence. He somehow learned of my predicament and plans to finish what he started.”

“Isn’t Nambonidus hated by nightmares though?” Remmal asked as he sat back down on the bed.

“Yes but some are loyal to him but most just do as they are told by him, because they fear his power. I do not fear him, but I respect his power. So who ever locked us up in the lab is most likely in league with Nambonidus.”

“I see your point, so there will probably be more nightmares to try and dispose of us then?”

“Most likely, yes.”

“Then what about that girl Llana?”

“While you were unconscious she tried do something to us. I believe she was, looking into your mind.”

“She didn’t find out about “us” did she?”.

“No she didn’t, I was able to push her out before she found out too much.It would cause problems for us though if she found out about me, so we must be cautious of her.”

Just then the door opened and Remmal looked up expecting to see Tearra. Instead he saw the bandit that stole his bag from before that he assumed was Llana holding a tray of food; she then proceeded to place the tray on the small table.

"Well speak of the demon" Split Tail growled.

“Wasn’t expecting to see you up and around, Llana is it? And where’s your Mom?” Remmal asked.

“She had to take care of some other business to take care of so she stuck me with you, and yes it is Llana.” She answered as she leaned up against the wall. ”And it was only a sprained ankle, an easy fix for my mom. Anyways my She said that you’re well enough to be out and about for a bit, if you don’t strain yourself. So when you’re done eating the law keeper would like to see you as soon as possible.”

“The law keeper?” Remmal asked as he took a biscuit. “Are they like the equivalent of the sheriff here or something?”

“You could say that, just don’t take too long eating. He’s a guy that doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

End of part 6
Two Souls: Part 6
So yeah took way longer then I thought again to get this out, so I gave up on my proofreader. Sorry for the wait and any grammatical errors parts should come out much more frequent since I dropped my proofreader.

Questions and comments are welcome.
New Arrivals by Crowdingfever
New Arrivals
So a bit unexpected but one of my egg cases hatched for my mantises! only two have emerged out of the possible hundreds though, a bit worrisome. Anyways when they get bigger they will be placed in the larger enclosure I made, check it out here!…

The toothpaste is there for scale.
Grin_sweets by Crowdingfever
Felt like doin some grin art, he likes his sweets.
Have u ever known some one that is just like a character from a tv sho/ movie or a video game? I do, I have a cousin that is alot like Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2. They have very similar personalitys. The worst part would be that my cousin just like Tina has access to explosives. Kinda scary when u think about it, just food for thought

hey lets make this intresting, write in the comments below if you know some one that is very simmilar to a character from a tv show/movie or video game and why.


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United States
I don't find myself as a great artist but I'm better at drawing then your average Joe and can only draw really well when I feel inspired. No where as good as some on here though. Probably because I haven't got that fancy software that some people have for their computers. Practice makes perfect though right? And paper, lots of paper...

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